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Decorative concrete


 Decorative concrete is also known as architectural concrete. This kind of concrete can be explained as anything which would not be plain and grey. This kind of concrete is more appealing to the eyes and very attractive. Decorative concrete comes in many kinds of patterns and techniques. It involves simple designs such as acrylic stains, acid stains and many kinds of integrated colors.

It also includes many kinds of special features and designs such as chiseling, polishing and stamping and scoring. These designs can give a complete new look to your place and look very attractive.

Stained concrete

Stained concrete is one of the best ways in which to transform a plain and grey simple area in to extensive designs that look very appealing. This technique means to take a plain slab and staining it to make it in to different kinds of colors or else a single different color. Acid stain is a type of a strained concrete which is known for producing a rich and dark color. This kind of technique involves a lot of skill so only professionals can do the work. You should be really careful as well when performing this work because it involves the use of acid. Click here !

Stamped concrete

Another type of decorative concrete is known as the stamped concrete. It means to stamp on a texture or else make a pattern on any kind of texture. In this design a variety of colors are used and you get to choose a whole variety of colors. The final look will be amazing because of the selection of different colors.

This kind of technique takes a lot of time and patience and only real professionals can perform the task. Stamped concrete is known for its durability. It is environmentally friendly and lasts for a long time so you need not worry about changing it till a long time. Maintaining this stamped concrete is also very easy. Cleaning on it can be easily done by rinsing or either sweeping. You need to use a sealer which is a spray to keep the design shiny and bright.

Why is exposed aggregate so popular?

Exposed aggregate is a kind of decorative concrete where the cement such as the pebbles and the small stones are completely exposed to make a complete smooth finish of concrete surfaces. Exposed aggregate is a nice and easy way to reduce your costs by giving the old or new concretes a new look.

Exposed aggregate concretes have one great quality and that is strength. They never break and are very hard and strong. Some examples of exposed aggregate concrete include footpaths, sideways, patios, driveways and decorative walls.

Exposed aggregates are extremely popular because:

  • Much less equipment such as tools are needed in their making.
  • They are very strong and resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • This method is very easy to learn and one can muster its art very quickly than the other methods.

Therefore, the choice in the end is yours as to which method you want to use but it is advisable to go for that method which is not only durable but also pocket friendly. Find out more in this site : http://designerpremix.com.au/

Will Polished Concrete Make Your Home Better? Find the Advantages of Using Polished Concrete Today



For thousands, they look at upgrading concrete driveways Melbourne in order to make their home more attractive but most aren’t too sure what options are available to them. One of the more popular options must be polished concrete and this is certainly an appealing trait. Polished concrete is far easier to maintain and it isn’t too expensive either so it does make it extremely versatile. However, why use polished concrete? Read on and find the advantages of polished concrete.

Resilient and Durable

Polished concrete is a resistive material and while that might not mean much to you, it’s very important. Since the concrete is sealed with a polishing solution it ensures every little crack or gap in the concrete is sealed. This is perfect because it helps to prevent water and other substances into the concrete which makes it long-lasting and even more durable. More and more people are going to use polished concrete so they can get a better driveway or garage floor.

Polished Concrete Can Be a Cost-Effective Solution

There aren’t many people who actually have thousands of dollars to spend upgrading their home but if they don’t then the home’s appeal can look awful. If they are trying to sell then this can mean the home is harder to sell; however, even if you aren’t selling your home, you still want the home to look great. Opting to upgrade concrete driveways Melbourne can be a fantastic idea and it’s the same with your garages. Upgrading to polished concrete is a great idea whether you have thousands or very little. This isn’t a costly option and most people can easily upgrade with little fuss. Find out more in this site : http://www.designerpremix.com.au/


Little Maintenance Is Required

Very few people have time or energy to spend hours per week worrying about their driveways or garages and having a simpler way to maintain their homes is very important. That’s why polished concrete has become vastly popular. This doesn’t actually require a lot of care or attention apart from some simple cleaning once in a while. The floors can look lovely and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on this either. This can be a great little investment to consider for your home. Click here!

Slip Resistant

Despite the fact that concrete driveways Melbourne look nice, most people think they are somehow made slippery if they upgrade to polished concrete. This is something which turns most home owners from polished concrete finishing, especially in their garage. However, this isn’t the case. The concrete can appear shiny but it isn’t actually slippery at all which is very important to remember.

Improving Your Home Can Be Done In a Subtle Manner

Most homeowners dislike the idea of upgrading or improving certain areas within their home as they believe it’s a waste of time, money and energy. However, making improvements can in fact be extremely simple and not overly costly either. You don’t need to make massive changes; small changes can make a big difference. You can upgrade to polished concrete and make your home far more appealing.

3 Things to look out for when hiring a driveway contractor

Polished Concrete

Concrete driveways Melbourne is modish, chic, and trendy style of today. Accomplishment of driveway contractor by you is not an easy task. You would have to put the contract in some specialist’s hands. A little deviation in the work of driveway contractor can lead to massive damage and in-authenticity of the work.

Concrete driveways Melbourne contractor is basically a contract in which we construct a smooth and even path for driving the auto.. Such driveway is considered to be an essential pathway at home, in offices and in organizations. This is done that you can’t accomplish this contract by your own. Means hiring process will be mandatory for driveway contractor. Now the question is how to hire professionals for driveway contractor? What qualities driveway contractor should have? Let us have a look over 3 Things to look out for when hiring a driveway contractor:

Pick the formula of ABC for getting to know about a driveway contractor:

I am going to give a simple formula to cover all of the rights of driveway contractor. You can call it as ABC modal. Let’s have an understanding of this ABC modal of driveway contractor:


Contractor’s repute

Now how will you work on this ABC formula? First of all you will assess deeply the terms and conditions of the contract. Look at the pros and cons of such terms and conditions. In addition to deep assessment you may also not hesitate to ask various tremendous answers to the essential questions. You can ask about the certification and skilfulness of the agents which will work for you. Moreover, you can also ask about the materials the agency is going to use for you. You can say them to show you the material. Means you can get a little survey as well.

Get an awareness of the driveway contractor’s repute

driveway Melbourne

The second step in working on the formula is to get an awareness of the driveway contractor’s repute. You may look at the previous works of these contractors. Keep in focus whether they are using decorative concrete or not. If they are using decorative concrete then it is of which quality.

The third step of the formula is “S” i.e. Consequences. Means look what consequences you will get after doing a contract with particular concrete driveways Melbourne. What pros and cons you will get and what will be the beneficial consequences of the contracts. Whether you are getting any profits or not?

Concrete driveways Melbourne is in leading demand as the trend of keeping a personal auto is very in. People prefer to keep the autos within the home or office in order to avoid the chances of bugler. But before hiring the agents for constructing the concrete driveways Melbourne, you would have to keep three aspects in mind. The three factors of concrete driveways Melbourne that you would have to keep in mind before hiring a contractor embraces the assessment, back grounding and consequences